Forgive: The Journey Toward Peace

Forgive: The Journey Toward Peace

Hope Family Counseling

by Rev. Mike Marecle

If you need peace in your life, you can find it through forgiveness. This book guides you through the process of learning how to forgive, and the benefits of forgiveness. You can learn:

  • The correct definition of forgiveness – and the 11 things forgiveness is NOT
  • How unresolved resentment, rooted in unforgiveness, kills relationships and causes stress
  • How resulting anger makes any of us “unsafe” for those around us
  • The excuses and consequences of unforgiveness
  • How the practice of forgiveness will improve your quality of life
  • The Bibilical process of accepting forgiveness from God, from others and from yourself

Publisher:CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date:08/07/2014