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Archive : April, 2018

hope Blog
25 Apr

Teacher Appreciation

For me, it happened between the third and fourth grade. I remember being in love with my first, second and third grade teachers.

hope Blog
19 Apr

Stress: such as school stress

Stressful situations can become opportunities for skill enhancement and faith growth.

hope Blog
15 Apr

Reduce stress in your life.

Reduce Stress in Your Life

hope Blog
15 Apr

Anger Management Illustrated

Jesus used anger (resentment) to bring about good change.

hope Blog
14 Apr

14 Truths vs 14 Myths About Anger

Let's compare the truth about anger versus what I heard and learned growing up.

hope Blog
10 Apr

How Unresolved Resentment Was Killing Me and My Relationships

I used to blow up over little things. I had a short fuse and was known to overreact.