Being a donation based business means there is no fee structure. Some are able to give and some cannot. Most states require a suggested fee price, ours is 75$. Many can pay but many can only offer much less. What is given does not impact
receiving quality services.

No, those in need of a translator will bring someone they know and trust to help translate during sessions.

Children below the age of 8 usually benefit from play therapy or a more supervised form of services. We often say 8 – 80 is our service demographic.

Our counseling is biblically based. That means our worldview and causality starts with the understanding that every human is created in the image of God.

We do not provide medicines.

You can make an appointment for yourself or for someone under your guardianship or custody.

No, we offer counseling services Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday before noon.

You can pay online, in person or bank draft.

Yes, we offer sessions via phone and online.

Most sessions are 1 hour, some are longer up to 2 hours.